Dear Fox Bride Star (Where Stars Land) Beanies: I suffered myself through watching the last episode (while multitasking during my work lunch) and… 😑
I’m not mad. Just disappointed. The ending was just blah. Meh. Worst than lukewarm. My heart did flutter a little when the main couple kissed (high five to Yeo Reum taking the lead! I loved it!), as well as the cute Security couple moment, but that’s it.
Too many missed opportunities and wasted potential. I was really rooting for a positive message about the less-able-bodied and how the OTP’s love would overcome even physical obstacles!! My fellow Beanies have done a fantastic job summing up just how not-great-or-even-good this ending was. And I am 10000% behind all Beanies who HATED that Soo Yeon’s face is hidden at the end. Shame on you, Show! Shaaaame,
As for the dreaded KDrama Time Skips. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
Can someone please explain the completely unreasonable inability for ANY kdrama OTP to stay in touch while they’re apart. What happened to the Internet? Skype? Facetime? Texting ? Whatsapp ? What happened to trying to make a relationship work across oceans because you love each other? What’s 1 year, one measly little year??! And it’s the same in e v e r y Kdrama that uses this stupid plot device! “1 year later…”😒😒😒
And who has the audacity to get jealous after keeping their crush on the hook for a WHOLE YEAR? Who does that? Really, Security Couple ? 😕😕

Any way… on to the next show 😬