I paused binge-watching Matrimonial Chaos in order to start & catch up on Sky Castle, but I’m really glad I didn’t completely forget it. I watched the last 2 eps of Matrimonial Chaos and it was soooo lovely! And messy and heartfelt and relatable.
And it’s at the very end that I realize that actor Son Seok-Koo (the flakey cheating husband Lee Jang-Hyun) is in fact the Handsome Detective to Doona Bae’s sass in Sense8!!! No wonder I loved his very very flawed character! His character was so quirky here that in as much as I hated him for cheating AND for using his weird past as an excuse, his strange starry-eyed responses to real life were so endearing. It’s like you just want to fix him, even though we all know that it is not a person’s job to fix another!
I’m glad it worked out and that he got married. Here’s to hoping he’ll be good to his gorgeous wife till the end of their lives together!