Currently watching OBSESSED and while I really really like it, I find there seems to have been a writing problem around ep 8,9 and 10. It’s as if everything was going so well and now the writers realized the plot moved a liiiiittle too fast, and they’re now sidetracking with all sorts of needless plot lines. 1st there was the zombie plotline, which fell flat, in spite of the great set up. I mean, the used one of the protesters as their guinea pig for the zombie water, and this should have been the start of a great debate in the inherent goodness in people… but no…
Then there was the video of the father who met the bully of his dead son on the rooftop. Again, this seemed to lead to something but nope. Not even a follow up on what happened to the unfortunate father-turned-murderer.
The murder-a-week plot was also dropped…
And noooow we have our Main Man being possessed by the Old Cop and the Bad Guy slowly but surely seducing the Old Cop’s daughter.
But no wait: 1st, let’s add another evil spirit to fight.
Point: it’s clear to me that Writer-nim was a little to engrossed in the Main Leads’ awesome character & love line development to notice that the rest of the plot was going forward at lightning.
And now we’re stalled…😩
[Thank you for reading. I needed to vent. ]


    I’ve only watched till ep 7, but I agree that the drug plot and the bullied victim’s story was rushed through with no proper conclusion. The manufacturer was demanding more money, so he killed him? He’s smart enough. He should’ve been more creative in threatening him or made someone his assistant so that they could take over. Also the hero didn’t follow up on the rooftop victim. If he did. maybe he could’ve prevented the girl’s death on the stairs. Didn’t the ghost warn him that the victims will be a clue to the next one? Instead he was moping around heartbroken. The romance is sweet, but it’s supposed to be balanced. The show was doing a good job of balancing the horror, comedy and romance initially. Hopefully it will become all right.


      I’m really keeping my fingers crossed on this one, because the latest turn of events has left me a little baffled…