Dear Beanies,
Let’s make a list of consistently-Kind-&-Caring-Good-Guys Male Leads! Socially Awkward Males Leads are ok too, as long as they’re openly caring, affectionate and supportive of their Leading Ladies throughout (most of) the show. Extra Brownie Points if he fell in love with her 1st. Unicorn bonus if the entire show was actually good too.

I’ll start with my current favs (by character names):
Ryan Gold – Her Private Life
Gu Wei Yi – Put Your Head on my Shoulder
Healer / Seo jung-Hoo – Healer
Dong Ha – Witch’s Romance
An Min-Hyuk – Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon
Joon Hyung – Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Ju
Wan – I Need Romance 3
Kim Bon – My Secret Terius
Boong Do – Queen In Hyun’s Man
Se Hee – Because This Is Our First
Su Ha – I Hear Your Voice
Min Seok – High School King of Savvy
Bong Sang-Pil – Lawless Lawyer
Seo Joon Hee – Something in the Rain
Dr. Ye – A Poem A Day
Kim Je-Hyeok – Prison Playbook
Gong Ji-Won – 20th Century Boy and Girl

What else you got?!
Let’s do this!


    Ohh I like this exercise. Here are some more:

    Go Dong-man – Fight My Way
    Kang Ho-gu – Ho-gu’s Love
    Bang Myung-soo – Ex-Girlfriend Club
    Kim Yeol – Sassy Go Go
    Enrique Geum – Flower Boy Next Door
    Gu Dae-young – Let’s Eat (all three)
    Tsuzaki Hiramasa – We Married as a Job
    Choi Dal-po – Pinocchio
    Kang Ji-wook – Scent of a Woman
    Park Ri-Hwan – Bubblegum
    Shin Dong-wook – Soulmate
    Sezaki Kouta – Clinic on the Sea
    Cha Hyun-oh – Twelve Nights
    Li Da-ren – In Time With You
    Xaio Nai – Love O2O


      How could I forget Go Dong-Man from Fight My Way!!! Yes! he waaaaas a caring and nice guy from Day 1!


      You added the ones I was thinking of! 🤗 Especially Ho-Gu, Dong Man, and Enrique will always have such special places in my heart…


        Same! They’re from some of my fave dramas too, and I love rewatching them because they’re all just such gooey sweet guys. I love that Ho-gu has no issue being a beta male, Go Dong-man is my favorite lovable meathead (possibly my favorite male lead?) and Que Geum is too cute for words.


          Hogu is just so admiring of his girl, and then grows to become his best self for her. I melt.

          I will never get tired of watching the just, straight up honest, sincere Dongman and his wonderful abs.

          And I have written essays on Que Geum that I have never posted because they are far too sappy for the public…


          The thing about Hogu and Dongman too is that they are regular guys just trying to make a living, and who have growth in their careers too as they pursue their dreams with support of their partners (and they don’t become super rich, but are able to take care of their families which is also their goal). They aren’t geniuses or rich or superpowered (unless DM’s abs count…), and (now including Enrique) they aren’t cold or sarcastic. They are warm hearted men who show their emotions and want to believe the best in others.

          … I’ll stop ranting now… good topic choice @kethysk 🤗


            I don’t know if you’ve seen Ex-Girlfriend Club but all this also describes the male lead in that one too. One of my all time faves because it features female friendships heavily, and the romance is super sweet. Also, Byun Yo-han is absolutely adorable.


            @snarkyjellyfish I haven’t seen it, but you just made a very convincing argument in its favor. I might have to watch it while I clean the house tomorrow ~


            Definitely do it. It’s also only 12 eps because it was cut by 4 eps so there are bits of the end that feel rushed, but nothing too obvious and it doesn’t hurt the story at all. Also, excellent soundtrack.


            😊 I’ll let you know how I like it ~


    My list isn’t a lot.

    1. Choi Taek – Reply 1988
    2. Do Kyungsuk – My ID is Gangnam Beauty
    3. Gu Wei Yi – Put Your Head on My Shoulder
    4. Ahn Min Hyuk – Strong Woman Do Bong Sook (sorry Min Hyuk for bumping you down. But Wei Yi is just… 😍😍 You’re still the King of honey dripping eyes.. so…)
    5. Yoon Na Moo – Come and Hug Me


    Loving everyone’s lists ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’ll try not to have repeats from other peoples’ lists on my lists lol

    Phoenix – Ashes Of Love (China)
    Lin Yi Mu – Pretty Li Hui Zhen (China)
    Gu Wei Yi – Put Your Head On My Shoulder (China)
    Li Chen Lan – The Legends (China)
    Li Yun Kai – Because of Meeting You (China)
    Fu Xiao Si – Rush To the Dead Summer (China)
    Ye Hua – Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (China)

    Ren Guang Xi – Autumn’s Concerto (Taiwan)
    Xiang Zi Yan – Murphy’s Law of Love (Taiwan… do second leads count??)

    Lee Kang Doo – Just Between Lovers (Korea)
    Kim Shin Hyuk – She Was Pretty (Korea)
    King Jinheung a.k.a. Sammaekjong – Hwarang (Korea)
    Jae Shin – Sungkyunkwan Scandal (Korea)
    Daniel Pitt – Fated To Love You (Korean version)
    Yoon Ji Hoo – BoF (Korea)
    Taek – Reply 1988 (Korea)
    Lee Yeong & Yoon Sung – MDBC (Korea)
    Chillbongie – Reply 1994 (Korea)


      Wasn’t Kim Shin Hyuk a 2nd Lead though?


        That’s why when I put down my first second-lead onto the list (Xiang Zi Yan from Taiwan’s “Murphy’s Law Of Love”), I was like…. “Do second leads count??” XDDDD


          see, 2nd Leads are usually those nice guys, and we the audience are kinda baffled as to why the Leading lady doesn’t choose a nice guy who makes every effort to support and love her, and instead she picks the douchebag bad boy who needs a lot of growing up to do.
          thus this list of Leading Nice Guys 🙂


    A have one that absolutely no one would ever expect from me…

    Kang Tae-bong – Dal-ja’s Spring

    Yes I know you’re all shocked but find me another 00s male lead who acts this way!! You can’t!!!!


    yeah! 💪