The 2nd Male Lead in A Love So Beautiful is killing me with his constant thoughtfulness!! Medicines, then notes for the hurdle race? The heartbreak will be devastating!


    Did you finish this yet? I have an appreciation post write up when you do!


      I gave up… 🙁
      I just couldn’t go past *searching Netflix account* episode 5. The 1st Male Lead just isn’t nice to her. and when he is, his reluctance and cold-stone-faced attitude just do not make me root for her to keep on liking this guy when that’s a PERFECTLY NICE AND CUTE GUY RIIIIIIIGHT THHEEEEEEERE for her.
      I’m sure it gets better. I have no doubt. But i am in a “Guy Must Fall for Girl 1st” mode or “Guy must at least be Decent, if he’s our girl’s crush” mode. Ain’t nobody got time to be begging for attention.


      but yes, please do share your appreciation post with me. I love living vicariously through people who enjoyed shows I didn’t like. different views make the world go ’round !