I volunteered to transcribe my work colleague’s audio files. They’re 4hrs long in total.
I have a newfound respect for the kind people who provide subtitles to all of our KDramas and CDramas. especially if they do it for free.!
This is hard, boring, thankless work. It made me discover how slow of a typist I really am…
14mins33s of audio took me 2hrs!!!!!!! this is insaaaane!!!! This is torture!
*in tears*


    Yeah, people totally underestimate how much work it is to transcribe and subtitle. Add in translating, and I bow my head in respect to these heroes.

    You may want to tell your colleague to hire a transcriber as you didn’t realize the amount of time/labor this would involve.


    I feel your pain. I have started to caption some of our company’s videos, as well as our 10-15min long Facebook lives (with no script!) and it took me hours!!! Once I learned how to put that into YouTube, it at least helped cut that down for me. I’m not sure what software you use or your system, but perhaps you can look into uploading it as a video file into Youtube and then choosing the option to manually transcribe it, which the best part of it for me was that it paused every time I typed so I didn’t miss so much and can rewind/forward easier. If you or anyone have any tips for me too, I’ll appreciate it.


    Transcribing is no joke. It’s already time-consuming on its own, but when you add translating to it, it can feel never-ending.


    there is a website called otransribe.com, which makes transcribing much easier. no, it doesn’t auto transcribe, but the website was made by a journalist (and we’d have to transcribe hours each week) so they know the pain points. you can rewind, forward, timestamp, speed up and slow down. the content is auto saved to the browser and it’s free!