imo, the Writers are doing a disservice to Soo Bin’s growth by making her unable to verbally express what she thinks. It’s a total cope out to have Joon Woo do all the work. Me no like.


    Soo Bin voiced out her disapproval of her mother’s decisions in earlier episodes and I expected her to be as honest with Joon Woo. She can hesitate but not give all the work to JW. I wished they told out loud what they were thinking instead of the “telepathy” thing. Not everyone is a mind reader.


      exactly! the telepathy thing didn’t impress me in the least, and while I know that personalities are different and no relationship is 50-50 in participation, Joon Woo is putting himself REALLY OUT THERE and I wish for him that she would have tried harder to meet him half-way in earnest.