This epilog (kinda) made my day – SSRxJNR their voices just 💜
Cast those two in a romcom as main leads pls drama gods))


    noona? what how did we get to stage from empress and empror?

    did he not get punished? what happened.. and was the other guy bodyguard.. died/alive? his love story with sunny


      Well.. some people saying this is the original ending, some were saying this is the epilogue & that SSR here sort of someone who resembles the Emperor.
      It’s definitely fanservice-oriented move from SBS. They released this coz of the huge following of Shin Sung Rok and Jang Nara in Korea.


    here’s your happy ending, isa!


      I support this whole heartedly. The emperor truly repented of his horrible ways and was willing to go to prison/die for his mistakes. After his mother shot him and everyone thought he was dead SURPRISE WNS was still alive, stole his body and replaced it with a conveniently located dead dude who looked enough like the emperor that no one noticed. WNS and the emperor went off together to nurse the emperor back to health, wait for justice to be served to everyone else, and wait for the heat to die down. After a year or so the former emperor, now just plain Lee Hyuk makes his return . He’s been cast as the lead opposite Sunny in a new play. Sunny thinks this new guy looks like her husband, but he died before her very eyes. She doesnt know what to think or do, but she’s attracted to this lovely man, his lovely voice. He keeps saying things that makes her think of the emperor, things that only the emperor knows. This guy is like all of the good parts of the emperor, all of the parts of him that she fell in love with over and over again without any of the bad parts.
      Eventually, he’ll tell her the truth. He thinks that he’s dropping enough hints that when he does come clean she wont be too upset with him for faking his own death. And when she does Sunny, the emperor, and WNS will live happily ever after in a tripod with their daughter and whatever other kiddos come along.