Well that ending was such a waste. #WhereStarsMakeAnEmergencyLanding


    Only saved by the the Security Cute.

    Even the leads were wasted. They didnt even show SY’s face in the ending. This show had to potential to show that being disabled doesnt have to be something to be ashamed of, and yet they ended it with SY making that decision to live not for himself, but because a girl asked him to ….and this same girl he did not contact for a year until he was able to use the “perfect” wearables again. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    I get reality is ugly and hard. & BOOHOO me who’s walking with two good legs (one bum knee) with good arm range of movement. But I have patients in wheelchairs, patients with deformed joints and arms, with no possibility of getting this superhero wearables. So you can see why I am disappointz 🙁


    That’s an apt description for the ending..


    at least yours is landing
    mine explodes mid air
    i just cant


      i will land for Security Couple.

      Everyone else can go to the Bermuda Triangle.


    Basically this show said that caregivers / friends / loved ones are LIARS when they tell you they will love you without arms and legs. This show said, chronically bedridden or wheelchair borne patients are a burden. This show’s overall message is, if you’re not walking, if you’re sick, if you’re not a superhero, you are USELESS. Because you want to “pass through” as this sparkling shining fake frame of a dead man walking instead of taking SIMPLE FRIOKBGUNGGBNNNN antibiotics and being off prosthetics for a year or even more.

    SY is more emotionally disabled than physical. And now that the show has wrapped…. or pretended to wrap whatever it was attempting to wrap. It did nothing for his emotional & mental state. He will likely still be as depressed as the year before. I feel angrier now that Ive thought some more. I cant believe the lost potential of this story. Truly went to Bermuda Triangle.