THE MANDALORIAN: As a fan of FIREFLY and ROGUE ONE I am completely obsessed this show.
Season 1: Episode 1 “Chapter 1”
Written by: Jon Favreau
Directed by: Dave Filoni
Five years after the defeat of the Galactic Empire, a Mandalorian bounty hunter accepts an under-the-table commission from an enigmatic Client who appears to have Imperial connections, directing him to track down and capture an unnamed fifty-year-old target. While the Client is indifferent to the target’s well-being, his colleague Dr. Pershing insists the target be brought back alive. The Mandalorian is given a down payment of a single bar of Beskar steel, sacred to his people. He brings it to a Mandalorian Covert enclave, and an armorer there uses it to craft a pauldron for him. Arriving at the planet that was the last reported location of his target, the Mandalorian is aided by a vapor farmer named Kuiil. Tired of the chaos that bounty hunters bring to the area in trying to claim the bounty, Kuiil leads him to the target’s location in a remote structure. Entering the heavily defended encampment, the Mandalorian reluctantly teams up with bounty hunter droid IG-11 to clear the camp and find the quarry: a Child who appears to be of Yoda’s species. When IG-11 attempts to terminate the infant per its bounty orders, the Mandalorian shoots and destroys the droid, taking the Child alive.