THE MANDALORIAN: The green baby with no name and a bounty hunter with a heart.
Chapter 2: “The Child”
Written by: Jon Favreau
Directed by: Rick Famuyiwa
While returning to his ship with the Child, the Mandalorian fights off an ambush by rival bounty hunters. Nearing the ship he finds it being stripped by Jawas for parts. The Mandalorian violently confronts the scrap merchants, but he’s stunned while besieging their Sandcrawler and dropped from its roof. The following day, Kuiil assists the Mandalorian in locating and negotiating with the Jawas to retrieve his ship’s components. A deal is struck for the Mandalorian to hunt “The Egg” within a dark den, but the large “Mudhorn” beast inside violently hurls the bounty hunter out of the cave. Repeatedly charging the Mandalorian, damaging his armor, and almost knocking him out, the Mudhorn rushes in for the kill, but the Child uses The Force reflexively to levitate the beast, allowing the surprised Mandalorian to maneuver to kill it. Having traded “The Egg” for his ship’s components, the Mandalorian and Kuiil repair the stripped vessel, allowing the Mandalorian to leave the planet with the Child.