Everyone has discussed a lot about Dan Oh, Haru and Baek Kyung. I am in the mood the mood to discuss Yeo Ju Da. I think one thing Extraordinary You shows is how that typical candy set up that every other drama uses would be tiring in reality. Everything about Ju Da is tragic, she is poor, she is bullied by others, her grandmother is sick and she can do nothing to help herself out. The only bright aspect of her life that she will get that happy ending, that the male lead will always choose her and end up with her regardless of what his mother says or whatever Sae Mi does. Now if Dan Oh and her gang meddle with the storyline and Ju Da’s happy ending is put at risk, the only bright aspect of her life will go. So if Ju Da tries her best to keep the story as it is I won’t see her as evil, she is just someone defending her future.
Now I saw someone saying why is she pretending to be unaware, what will she get by telling everyone she is aware, she wants the story to stay as it is, things would just get complicated between her and Do Hwa if she lets him know. Ju Da thinks that being with Nam Ju is the only guaranteed way to get a happy ending.


    i agree.. but we are already on ep 10.. and i don’t see YJD fighting to keep storyline straight or that she realizes DO is messing up the storyline..

    We have like two different love stories going on.. with a bridge where LDH and DO catch up and interchange snippets of their stories for benefit of audience to link the two lovelines 😛

    At max, the route drama seems to be taking is YJD going against mom, saemi and other people who are bullying her.. fighting them off to preserve her happy ending.. her struggle will potentially be curbing her feelings for LDH.. and ofcourse, they have shown LDH as a happy person.. which is going to turn tragic pretty soon

    I think, everyone will choose to take a step to go back into oblivion.. whether killing themselves offstage does it or however..except DO, Haru ( BK – i am on fence.. what is the point of forgetting everything and going back to that toxic environment.. he should choose to be like squid fairy)

    Lastly, my heart is very soft towards BK’s brother.. and his cuteness does not help

    I want a love story for him..


    I agree with this. Even if she later realize that DO and Haru is trying to change the story and she goes evil on them, I would’ve still understood her. Candy role sucks until you marry the rich guy obsessed with you. I feel bad for her for that.


    The sad part is that she isn’t even all that happy in the scenes with her “prince charming”. She prefers Do Hwa, but poor guy can’t even do anything to help her.


      I feel like Do Hwa would do more to help her if he knew she wouldn’t forget. But it requires both of them to trust their own feelings and for her to open up. Which may be hard, given all the crappy things going on in her life.


    I really really like your analysis of this. Her outburst to Do Hwa about the hardships of a Candy… I was soooo sad for her.
    What a contrast to every moment that I rolled my eyes at her irritating innocence. How tired the poor girl must feel to have to go along with the writer when put in stupid scenes where she believes her bullies when they tell her Nam Ju’s looking for her. urgh!