Why Yoo-shik broke up with his wife: (the webtoon site is now gone so I can’t refer back to it for clarity) I remember it being mainly because of his obsession with health products—like, guy was (and still somewhat is?) MANIC about staying super healthy, and somehow he never managed to communicate exactly why he wanted to do so to Seo-jin (ex-wife). It all comes into the open later as him wanting to be in tip-top condition to be beside her for as long as he can (I’m fuzzy on the details, fellow webtoon readers please help!) but I don’t understand why he just wouldn’t tell her! I kinda understand why Seo-jin is so upset with him always being all fuzzy with his answers to her, and it’s also why I guess Yoo-shik is always harping on the importance of communication to Young-joon. It’s why I think Yoo-shik and Seo-jin deserve a second chance: they obviously still love each other, and really should try over with a more open attitude the second time.

Then again, can’t remember that particular chapter very well anymore so I may be absolutely wrong hahaha.