Diary of a Prosecutor. I loved the focus on Yoon jin and her home/family life this episode and I just loved Yoon jin who took no shit from anyone with their ‘suggestions’.
As someone who has been in the workforce for more than half her life, I will say this, I have never worked with a working mother who had the expectation of thinking their situation should be different from their co workers. In fact, they are the ones who will bend over backwards to not ask for a favor or assistance because of the BS they have to endure. The complete lack of empathy from everyone (especially Min ho, who is the damn supervisor and Jong hak whose wife is his babysitter) just hit a nerve in me because it was not an exaggeration of what happens. I am child free and have disposable income and can set my own schedule for things in life, but damn, even I know that’s hard.
This show did a great job this episode. More people really should be watching it.


    Or that moment when they praised Sun Woong for having to show up once for his kid when he was in trouble, and dared to compare that to Yoon jin having to deal with her twins every single day. Showed how different fathers and mothers are treated.


      YES !!!! My heart was hurting for his wife last week because she is picking up more than normal with their kid. She dealing with a teenager.


      The comparison irritated me so much. Like, he had the kid living with him. 🙄🙄 And he’s not a toddler.


        And, when all that was going down with Sun woong, everyone in the office (the men) was trying to accommodate him so he can go back home to be with this family. Literally pushing him out of the office with not a one snide comment. Where was this love for Yoon jin?