If ASN really has to switch souls, then can she die in SJ’s place while SM gets her powers so that SM and OG get to live an immortal life happily ever after? (Side note: Angry monkey = Hot monkey)


    Okay, so this is what I don’t understand. Are they trading souls or just switching bodies? If Asanyeo’s soul is inside Sun-mi’s body, will Sam Jang’s responsibilities and fate fall on her? Is “Sam Jang” Sun-mi’s soul or a Sun-mi’s body?


      This is something I’m trying to understand as well! I thought MAYBE they switch souls like SM obtains ASN’s past memories and the life she led, while ASN takes on the role of Samjang, aka her blood is lotus scented etc. This is because of the conversation between the 2 where ASN asked SM if they would like to switch blood since the rose scent has always been stronger than the lotus scene (but SM sassily snapped that her blood had its own powers too).

      In that case, I believe if the souls are switched, then the bodies don’t change… ASN just gains SJ’s role. HOWEVER the issue with this theory is ASN keeps saying she wants SJ’s body so she can get rid of Buja’s body, so now I’m confused as to how this will work.