I don’t do justice to their gorgeous faces but… I hope this conveys how much I loved that scene in E14. Every word was brimming with sincerity and I felt it, too.

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#Hwayugi E14: 제천대성 손오공은 인간 진선미를 진심으로 사랑해 There were a lot of scenes I wanted to draw from the current episodes. The scene in the book-demon's library, the scene after he gives her her own Geumganggo in Summer Fairy's bar, and this one. But this one won out by far because I think it was the most sincere I had ever heard him been. Plus, the geumganggo plays such a pivotal role in the show that I felt I had to do a scene where it was shown clearly. I think a huge question we all have is – what was the purpose of the GGG? Was it meant to make anything between Oh-gong and Sun-mi a farce such that they would never realize the extent of what they felt, as per the conversation between Frosty and Patriarch? Or was it just a means to attach a powerful demon to Sam-jang so that she would be safe from all the evils waiting to prey on her? Whatever the purpose, I'm sure we all know it worked – perhaps a little too well. For Sun-mi, the only way she can think of to stop him from dying is to remove the GGG so that the stone monkey's heart hardens again. Oh-gong doesn't want the GGG removed because he knows that while it is on, he will never be able to kill her, and if it comes off there is a very big possibility that he might be the one to kill her in the end. Not just that – as per some comments I've read, Oh-gong, like Sun-mi, is afraid of what might change if the GGG is taken off. The gravitas of the matter weighs heavily. By keeping it on, Oh-gong knows that he's going one step closer to his possible death. And yet he will keep it on for as long as he can, out of his own free will and sincerity. What a long way Oh-gong the character has come from those episodes when he was snappy, brash, and blamed the GGG for all his actions, never failing to remind us all that he was waiting impatiently for the day that the GGG would come off. And for a centuries-old powerful demon to put down his life for a human? I think that's the thing that makes us all fervently hope that we get a proper happy ending. On another lighter note, Seoyugi/西游记 (Journey to the West) is one of my favourite childhood stories and I personally have a very soft spot for the character of Sun Wu Kong/Oh-gong.

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