How’ve you guys been? I’ve been taking a break from dramas for a long while and turned to variety. I haven’t followed K-pop for years but just thought I’d share this here. ☺️

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It’s been a significantly more stressful period of time, and I’ve been feeling a lot more lethargic and less motivated about the things I have to do. In the midst of this period, I dropped most of my dramas and turned to watching variety – because laughter is always good for the soul. Then YouTube recommended me a video, and when I hovered my mouse above it, it showed a short preview of Min-hyun dancing his silly dance on Happy Together. It caught my attention, I clicked, and the rest was history. Drawing has always been a huge source of stress relief for me. On days when I felt insanely tired, and just so burnt out, I rewatched some of my favourite clips of him singing, opened my drawing programme, and drew a few more lines or added a few more shades of colour in. Even if it was just for a few minutes, it made me feel better and less stifled. In a way, it gave me energy to return back to my dreary books and projects. .(PS. I know there are 11 members in this huge group, and it’s amazing that I even started listening to their music because it’s been years since I’ve actively followed any K-pop band at all. But my favourite member is Min-hyun. And even though he’ll never see this, I just wanted to draw something to show my support for their comeback.). #ReviveinFive #FreshLoveSG

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