Sharing this drawing I did for Arthdal (my next one shall be for Flower Crew) and hoping there will be a second season so I can see Eun-seom make his way back to Tan-ya properly. Or more of Xabara.

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Arthdal Chronicles 아스달 연대기 – this drawing took months to complete. And may be my magnum opus for 2019. I’ve to admit that I’m terrible at backgrounds and this is my first time attempting flower crowns… the complexity of this piece made for countless long nights and frustration. Regarding Arthdal Chronicles: being a big fan of Song Joong-ki, I was extremely excited for this comeback. And maybe I’m a bit biased but he definitely shone in this drama by playing 2 different characters – so well such that at times, I completely forgot they were being played by the same person. Perhaps the very different outfits and looks helped. And Tan-ya, of course, was a goddess throughout. When I think about this scene on a conceptual basis, it felt a lot to me like a scene out of the Garden of Eden. At this point, Eun-seom and Tan-ya were safely ensconced in the village of Wahan, safe from the evils of the outside world. It was only after the tribe was brought to Arth that they realized feelings of jealousy, fear, cruelty… and these feelings manifested themselves in their own actions too. I find it a pity that this show was not wrapped up in these 3 seasons. I was curious as to why the plot was moving so slowly and it all made sense at the end. We didn’t get to see Eun-seom conquer Arth and make it back to Tan-ya, and perhaps this is the greatest disappointment of the show.

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    You’re drawings are so light and I like how you use light here!


      Don’t think I’ve heard my drawings described that way before, so that’s interesting! XD Thank you <3