What if Joker left DB alone all those years because she was miserable, and now he’s angry that she’s asserting herself and finding happiness?


    What we know about Joker so far:
    1. He’s killed seemingly random people.
    2. He lives in the neighborhood.
    3. He’s a regular at Camellia.
    4. He used to wear black sneakers.
    5. His murders are connected with fires.
    6. Someone knows about him and set off the sprinklers last time.
    7. He’s connected with a lighter and paint thinner.
    8. He has access to that abandoned building.
    9. He apparently is poisoning the neighborhood cats. If he’s the poisoner then HM was sitting with him in the alley. She could give him away to YS.

    HS is so obviously a candidate that I’m still leaning toward his mysterious father.