Catch the Ghost ep. 9 — comment below (spoilers!)


    Subway Ghost’s mother — “My son has a broken heart” — did such an obvious double take when she saw YR that there isn’t any doubt that she’s seen YJ. I think she’s probably taking care of YJ for her son. For some reason, he must have taken pity on her and let her live. Ghost’s Mom seems to know that he is the Subway Ghost serial murderer. Is there really a mother out there who would make excuses for her son and let him keep murdering innocent people, just because he has a broken heart? The show seems to be hinting that Ghost’s Mom is going to use JS’s Mom as security to keep her son from being caught. Not looking forward to that.

    Are there still people who think WH is the Ghost? Even though he’s running around with Ma-ri trying to catch the Ghost while Choi Mi-ra is being assaulted?

    On the other hand, what are the chances that Jogger Guy is the Ghost? Wasn’t it kind of strange that she let a witness like that get away without even writing down his name and contact info?

    I’m disappointed in YR for passing up another series of opportunities to tell the truth to JS. He’s already shown that he’s not going to blame a full-time sole caregiver for melting down. I suppose she wants one more night of searching the tunnels with WH, so that they can get Major Crimes’ attention for her sister’s case. But for all her high regard for JS, she’s still recklessly endangering his job, even though she now knows that he has to support his mother.

    One cute detail — last week, we saw just JS taking notes on YR’s mental subway map deductions. Today, everyone except MR were scribbling in their notebooks.