A short PSA on something that has been bugging me lately: peek, peak, and pique. (Warning: Spoilers for Never Twice below.)

Peek: To take a quick look; to look at something that is supposed to stay secret. Ex: Bak-ha peeked at the invitations in Ms. Oh’s drawer. She took a quick peek, but oops, her loose button fell right in the drawer.

Peak: The top of a mountain; a high point comparable to the top of a mountain. Ex: My sympathy for Hae-ri peaked in ep. 1, then disappeared when she turned out to be a selfish brat. The storyline hit a peak when Hae-jun confessed to Bak-ha, but since there were 18 episodes to go, she had to reject him.

Pique: To attract interest. Ex. When Hae-jun saw Bak-ha walking down the street with a flat belly, his interest was piqued, because she looked nine months pregnant a few days earlier. His interest was piqued again when his mother locked Bak-ha in the gallery, then told the police she was a thief.


    Well done! So glad I took a peek at your post as it piques a peak interest of mine 😉
    Also, lose and loose 😡