Kim Ji-young, Born 1982.

Darn, I teared. I totally blame Gongyoo for the 1st trigger coz the moment he sobbed, I started crying too. I swear, it’s a natural reflex. Beanies, you guys understand me right? 😆

Back to the main point.

I felt really fortunate when I watched the movie coz I didn’t face that much sexism despite living in Asia aka still quite conservative/traditional-thinking, kinda patriarchal society. I don’t plan to have kids too, so minus another struggle. I’m married, but my in laws don’t expect much from me. Maybe coz I already had my share of depression (bipolar to be exact) even before we got married. Heh. 😁🙊

I thought it could be a depressing movie but there were unexpected funny moments.

It’s a movie dedicated to women. One should watch it when there’s a chance.

Been wanting to post this photo too, coz these two looked so natural holding hands together. 😊

So proud of my girl crush. Jung Yumi did great. 💖


    I wish I lived in Asia so I could watch it too! I wonder when the film will be available online?


    thanks for this mini-review!
    I look forward to watching it some day.
    *lives in Canada…*


    I am waiting for this movie so much! I want to watch it too!