Ok some comments on RG
1. He really gave EG a chance to back off in the morning, knowing that EG was trying to keep DM secret – he made it known he saw DM, he said he wanted to speak to DM and then when EG would not budge – he used the girlfriend card. I get the feeling that he did not want to say that until DM stubbornly refused to come out and EG was getting more and more passive aggressive possessive.
2. SNG reveal – when EG declared he liked DM – RG turned away to gather his thoughts – not because he was angry at DM – it was contemplative – how far should he go to reveal what he knows – I am sure he did not want to tell DM that he knew she was SNG this way – but he did not want to back down in the face of EG’s declaration either. So he let her know that he knew. He got the gist of information out including an apology and it is telling that he wanted that part to be private with her, as it should be between couples – he asked if this was a discussion they should have in front of EG.
3. Loved that it was DM who hauled him away, wrist grab and all!!
4. RG is such a tease!!


    I also think that the reason Ryan did reveal he was seeing Deok-mi and he knew she Si Na Gil was also a way to take the upper hand that Eun-gi thought he had over them. Eun-gi has been so smug in his knowledge that he’s the only one who knows Deok-mi this intimately that it hasn’t occurred to him that it’s not just about knowing who she is, but also accepting that part of her and embracing it. He uses her fangirling to shame her and lord over her. When Ryan reveals this, and reveals it’s immediately apparent that this doesn’t turn him off, I think that really screwed with Eun-gi’s manipulations.


      Yup exactly. Isn’t Ryan just the bee’s knees!!! Ryan has known for just a few months and he finds it so adorable that he even aids and abets!!!