Working beanies, how do you not bring work home? I have to organise some competitions and I’m getting distracted by it. How do I ignore it while studying?


    Unhelpful tips by me :
    1. Don’t accept/start new tasks an hour before closing. You need to focus finishing what’s on your hand first.
    2. If you can’t finish your work by today, you can do it by tomorrow.
    3. Sounds dumb but never share your contact number to everyone. I did it once and you may end up still working at home until late midnights & weekends.
    4. Ask for help to your co-worker
    5. It’s okay for not responding to calls, texts, and emails when you’re home. It’s your rights to do so


      Thank you so much. I’ve been getting a weird sort of anxiety because of stuff like this. The people working alongside me are able to kind of log off and you know ignore unimportant things, but it’s my first time doing stuff like this so I tend to get anxious.