Untamed, Ep 46. Gutted.

I don’t think words can do justice to this whole sequence. Even though this was truth that was told to Jiang Cheng, this entire sequence was about Lan Zhan realising the truth and going through the emotions.

That moment when Jiang Cheng pulls out WWX’s sword, the disbelief, then the realisation what happened, and overwhelmed with what Wei Wuxian had done, feeling his pain, a single drop of tear falls.


As he hears the story, the tears wont stop. And then realising everything that has happened to Wei Wuxian, his anger comes out. But he pauses, for he knows, he has to care for Wei Wuxian.


He takes him away, holds him tenderly, worried for him. And then he asks ‘Was it painful’? knowing very well what the truth would be. He feels Wei Wuxian’s pain. Realising what he had done/said not knowing the truth fills him with pain. And then he holds him tenderly with nothing but love in his heart and soul.