Never Twice/No Second Chances

Once in a while a show sneaks up on you and tugs your heart. There is something so warm about this show and you are rooting for so many characters. But the leads are killing it. Park Se-Wan and Kwak Dong-Yeon are nailing it.

The whole fake fiance scene is probably one of the best executions of this cliche. The female lead runs with her role-play and has a ball with it.

Though it was fun, the moment he realises that his ex is being rude, he steps up. He is disappointed by his ex’s behavior. He calls her out. Our female lead is neither a candy nor a pushover. She steps up for him, fakes a morning sickness and tells him ‘its game over’. She is such a delight.

If anyone hurts these puppies, I will find them and k*** them..



    I lol’d both times when he was jealous of Woo Jae.

    My ship is saiiiiilllliiinnnggggggg!!


    I loved the scene where they ate ramen together, it was so cute! I think that was the first time anyone had talked to bak ha about her husband since his death. Also the scene where hae jun was getting jealous of woo jae, adorable.


      Yes!! I didn’t want to spam the wall. This episode was full of adorable moments. His jealousy. Lol. The way he stuck out of the window and commented about her laughing. He is a goner!!


        Oh and when he came to work the next day, you could hear his heartbeat racing!
        I hope he realises his feelings soon. Not looking forward to the mother finding out, she will be horrid.