Bing-watched Go Back Couple. LOVED it but won’t talk about it because I have read the comments and know that I’m in the minority in WHY I loved the show😁

Question and spoiler in comment.


    At the end of the last episode we see dr Hyun-suk in a restaurant cheating on his wife again. Then he sees Ye-rim.

    Now here is my interpretation on that scene. He looked so absolutely dumb-founded and kept staring at her in such a confused way that I thought he somehow kinda remembered the alternate timeline where she was his wife. He was definitely much more surprised than having only met his ex after nearly 20 years.

    And Ye-rim too, looked much too smug for someone who has just made a brief eye-contact with his boyfriend of two decades ago.

    I LOVED that last slap of karma for the doc soooo much 😁. But then I read the recap and comments and it looks like nobody had that impression except me?


    I loved that show! One of the best and underrated of 2017 (IMO) I didn’t comment much on the recaps since I was busy gushing over Nam-gil on the beanie wall. 😂


    i am not reading the spoilers yet as this in my To Watch list. will surely be back with my inputs after finishing it.