Started Jugglers. Watching only for Daniel Choi.

I can’t understand the secretary at all. At first she was shown as this wonderfully efficient magician of a secretary who could understand the smallest hints. The moment she switched bosses she became a bumbling unprofessional novice who couldn’t even perform the simplest orders.

I pity her poor boss who is being justified in his paranoia of secretaries at least twice every episode!

But still, it is Daniel Choi, and I never say no to Daniel Choi!


    Daniel Choi is a white milk chocolate bar that no one can say no to.
    BUT rest of the drama i was too dissatisfied still watched just for my chocolate *drooling*


      OH! So I’m not alone in being dissatisfied! I had seen so many posts loving Jugglers that I truly thought I’m being too nit-picky and harsh!


        no you are not.
        it started well and i liked it. but along the way it became the usual cliche story of Damsel In Distress and her Knight In Shining Armor. so that might be the reason you are also not liking it enough


          I don’t mind cliches that much. If she had been a new secretary from the beginning I wouldn’t have minded.

          It is this difference between the way dramas introduce the character in the beginning and then they change her that confuses and dissatisfies the viewer. At least viewers like me.