A short review on My Ahjussi and Life on Mars. Both very popular and highly praised dramas on DB.

They were both very well-written and well-acted dramas. But they didn’t engage me on a personal level at all. They felt very real, and I felt like someone on the side, like the office janitor maybe, seeing and hearing things on a daily basis, sometimes even being interested, but never for too long, and usually having other important things to attend to.

I had never had this feeling while watching a drama and it was very strange and unnerving to experience it twice in a row.


    I felt the same about My Ahjussi. I knew it was a well-produced show but it just didn’t grip me.


      Same. My Ahjussi is a masterpiece objectively speaking you just can’t find fault. But personally I couldn’t really be interested in it except for certain scenes


    I was the opposite. I loved both of them and wanted to go live in certain parts of the drama. The family/community building is the part that really tugs at me.