After watching The Lies Within episode 7, I have to say… I think it’s settling into its groove. I really enjoyed this episode. It was melancholy and pensive and it didn’t have any of the tonal whiplash present in some of the other episodes. It just… worked.

It’s still not the most sophisticated thriller out there, but the flaws in the writing are becoming less glaring to me and I liked the character moments in this episodes. This show is not fast-paced and it is quite dense, but I honestly didn’t care. There were a few boring scenes, but for many I was surprisingly able to just enjoy being in the moment. I think the director is really getting a handle on this show. Also, I really liked the song playing at the end of the episode and hope it’s released soon.

Maybe I’m becoming delusional and only seeing what I want to see. Whatever the case, my favorite bits:

-Tae-shik being straight with Seo-hee and criticizing her naivete. Her naivete has been her downfall so far, and seeing her trust in someone she has put so much faith into crumble as she opens her eyes was heartbreaking to watch. I really look forward to seeing these two finally work together. I’m glad that Seo-hee has begun to share things with Tae-shik.

-The character moments between Tae-shik and his hoobaes, and how Ho-gyu and Jin-kyung’s conversation gave us just a bit more insight on Tae-shik as a character. He’s still a bit of an enigma, but as Jin-kyung said, he can’t open up easily to others. I’m looking forward to him opening up more to us the audience as the show goes on. He’s a hardass, and he really should’ve taught Ho-gyu more, but I understand his impatience and eagerness to go home. The show’s done a good job at hinting at Tae-shik’s anxiety about his mother without hitting us over the head with a sob story. Also, I’ve spent much of this show rolling my eyes at Jin-kyung and Ho-gyu’s antics and incompetence, but the more centered and melancholy tone of this episode really made me appreciate them as characters more. The show is cognizant of its characters’ flaws. I can appreciate that. Tae-shik telling Ho-gyu that he did a good job was predictable, but that didn’t make it any less touching, despite Tae-shik’s apparent nonchalance.

I also have to say that for the first time I streamed the show from Netflix onto my nice TV, and it was beautiful. I can’t believe I wasted 6 episodes watching it on my laptop. The cinematography really deserves a bigger, better screen. And, of course, the better to watch Lee Yoo-young and Lee Min-ki’s excellence with.

Now, off to watch episode 8!


    This was what I was watching before I the bug from “The Untamed” got to me lol I hope to get back to it later on ☺️☺️


    i like most of it, i think the story telling and pacing are good, and that the writer has a pretty tight control of the narrative. I actively dislike most characters most times. But that is consistent with the narrative — there’s no one innocent in this story, everyone is guilty of something, if not something criminal then at least selfishness, lying (to themselves and others) and ulterior motives. The only thing that i mind is the very unkind (although i really want to say misogynistic) writing of all the female characters. Like the constant gratuitous jokes about the stupidity of the female cop, or the mix of nativity and irrationality that drives SH’s behavior most of the time. When the story needs it, she behaves like a functional adult, but the rest of the time it’s just excruciating to watch. I just want to shake her into reality at least a couple of times per episode. Not sure how much of it is the writing and how much is the acting, but she is the weakest link in the execution for me.