Tae-shik saying “I can’t blame everything on this crazy world anymore” and realizing that he has to take responsibility for his actions (and inaction)… it made me realize some important things, too. I always think it’s amazing when a TV show can do that. When it prompts you to reexamine yourself.

I’ve found myself rewatching the 5 minutes from episode 8 of The Lies Within when Tae-shik talks to Seo-hee and owns up to his mistakes, when he’s trying to eat his guilt away and talks to his mom on the phone. I love the song that plays in the background. I love how it reflects Tae-shik’s weariness. I love how Lee Min-ki plays this role so naturally.

I wouldn’t exactly recommend this show to anyone yet, but… I’ve found something in it to love. Someone. And honestly, I didn’t expect that.

But how could I not? It’s Lee Min-ki.