Beanie level: Eunuch in drag

@raonah Have you seen this? 😂😂


After ages of gloom, spring has finally, FINALLY bloomed in London and the weather is distracting me (even more than kdramas) from my studies. Seeing the fanwall posts of Her Private Life make me think it would be the perfect summer binge watch, although it does seem like the third in a trilogy where it was preceded by Touch Your Heart and What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim.

Or maybe the whole drama is an alternate universe where Secretary Kim actually found what she wanted to with her life once she quit – curate art and professionally fangirl. But either way she ends up dating her boss….

Anyway, I’m curious to see Kim Jae Wook as a romcom lead since I’ve only ever seen him as a serial killer in Voice and a taciturn priest in the Guest 😂. I also really like the second female lead; she was one of two actors who actually kept me awake for a few episodes of While You Were Sleeping.


Finished in 2019:
β€’ Children of Nobody
β€’ SKY Castle
β€’ Matrimonial Chaos
β€’ Trap
β€’ The Good Wife

I’m a serial dropper but I am really enjoying my current drames. I really hope I can stick with them until the end:
β€’ That Psychometric Guy
β€’ Confession
β€’ Beautiful World

Ignoring The Good Wife and Matrimonial Chaos which are not 2019 dramas, that would give me SIX beans.Β  Yes SIX in caps, because that’s one less than the number of dramas I completed by the end of last year. Although Dance Sport Girls only had like 6 episodes?

And this year Trap had 7 episodes…yes shorter dramas are easier to finish for people with commitment issues like me, who drop a drama after 14 episodes and suddenly don’t care about the last 2 episodes apart from maybe the last minute of the last episode because, well, I did give up 14 hours of my life – I think I deserve to know if the writing redeemed itself (Touch Your Heart should have gone down the 6 episode route.)

No, this overly long rant (easily my longest post on db after a year; happy late-ish aniversary btw) was not a poorly disguised attempt to attack TYH. I actually have to give it (or really, Yoo In-na) credit for making me endure that amount of fluff for so long. What was this post again? Oh right, I just wanted to say that there is hope I’ll have a better bean count this year.

While I’m at it, I’d like to detract the half bean that I gave to Boyfriend/Encounter and give it to Dance Sports Girls so DSG now has a complete bean. There was some wisdom in this post after all: never give a bean, or a fraction of a bean as I did, to an ongoing drama, because you don’t know if you’ll end up dropping it…

P.S. A serial dropper like me should never have tried to tackle a 50 episode drama..yup I gave up on Father is Strange but it sure had some memorable moments, mainly thanks to the big sister.


@raonah I may or may not be watching That Psychometric Guy and in my mind the title may or may not actually be That Cute Guy. And I may or not have ended up watching this episode of Idol Room.


In other news, I want Joong Hee’s pet turtle. At present I only have a turtle key chain.


This guy is hilarious, taking a “family” photo with his dog. The way he treats his dog like it’s his son and the photographer couldn’t actually call it a dog for fear of offending him 😂 Can’t blame his wife for envying the dog tbh.


He looked so affronted I had to save this. The scene where she ripped his shirt was so bizzare though 😂


So I started FIS against my better judgement but it’s OK because I’m only watching one airing drama and my exams are still a while away… I’m liking it so far. Miyoung is so relatable. And I love Lee Yuri. How can she be so fabulous and be such a meme at the same time?


Today was unexpectedly sunny so I went out and ate lots of food (pizza, pasta, macarons and cheesecake). Sharing some photos since beanies always share and I thought you might like these although I’m awful at taking pictures… The moon was so bright but my phone couldn’t capture it properly. Anyways, I hope you all had a good weekend!


Great now I want to watch this. 50 episodes though? Looks like it’s going on the binge list for after exams…wish I could time travel.


Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever been a “featured beanie”, or at least I haven’t seen it before. Feeling oddly accomplished…


The waves gush over the shore,
in beautiful blues

Light catches on the glass
in my hands
My reflection stares at me,
I look away

The tide is cold at my feet
When it sinks
to the depths of the sea

My hands are colder.

I breathe a sigh of relief,
of regret.



We’d catch the bus to Piccadilly Circus
to see our favourite 2D characters
in key chains and figurines,
plush toys and odd paraphernalia.

We’d cross the road to Japan
for snacks galore.
Ice cream mochi, blueberry sweets and pocky sticks,
washed down with lemon Ramune.

We’d turn into the shady side street
to visit that quiet shop
where the stationery was
fashioned like art.

Later we’d walk down to Chinatown
for bubble tea and the bakery,
the custard bread tasted like

We walked these paths so frequently,
I can trace them in my mind, making
years past seem like yesterday



Some of my favourite things:

β€’ The sound of rainfall and the smell it brings (petrichor)

β€’ Teatime after a long day

β€’ Hugs with my baby niece

β€’ Drawing (shading with pencil; crosshatching with ink)

β€’ Painting with watercolours

β€’ Colour names: azure, cobalt, ochre, cyan, veridian, vermillion

β€’ Hand lettering

β€’ Halcyon memories of school days with my best friends (lots of laughter, trips and food)

β€’ Niagara Falls

β€’ The sea

β€’ Late night walks



Note to self: watch Come Back Mister one day.


I recently binged Matrimonial Chaos and it actually made me laugh at loud due to all the bizarre relationships and scenarios. I would say it at least deserves a mention as best comedy.


I’m so weak for rain scenes.


I genuinely read this as *exorcise* thanks to Hwa Pyung…


😂😂 Mirae over Soda.