So beautiful~ I don’t know much about Young Jae, but his voice is amazing. (And featuring more of Kang Young-hyun’s beautiful, heartbreaking yet uplifting lyrics!)


    I was actually going to post this song myself, but you beat me to it. I really love the almost march-like inspiring sound that it has when the chorus comes in. The instrumental track does a really good job of giving a feeling of hope in my opinion. Glad you liked the lyrics too (the translation in this video happens to be mine).


      Yes, I love how the music matches the feeling of hope in the lyrics. It’s definitely going on my list of songs to listen to when I need cheering up.

      Thank you for translating it! Young K’s lyrics are a huge part of why I wish I understood Korean beyond the odd words or phrases, because I’m sure there are nuances that are difficult or even impossible to translate exactly. But I’m thankful there are fans like you taking the time to help the rest of understand. <3