Rescue Me 2 is finally here! It’s definitely not the same show as season 1, but it’s not trying to be, and I’m ok with that. Though I do miss Woo Do-hwan and Seo Ye-ji.
1. I wondered if they might tease us with Jo Jae-yun’s character and create doubt over whether he’s actually Jo Jae-yun’s character from season 1, but it seems pretty clear that he’s not. I’m slightly disappointed, but only slightly. Because he was scary.
2. Does anyone else think Kim Young-min looks like DAY6’s Wonpil? Fans always compare Wonpil to Park Bo-gum, and while I can see that resemblance too, the moment Kim Young-min appeared on screen, how much alike they look was all I could think of. (That he was doing something music-related probably helped, but it’s also in his mannerisms and even the way he’s built.)
3. Speaking of Kim Young-min, his character is easily my favorite and the one I’m most worried for. I can see him either emerging from the coming deception with newfound faith and purpose or being totally, horrifically disillusioned and corrupted. I hope for his sake it’s the former, but either way I’m excited to see where the show goes from here.
4. This town is such a mess. I can see how a false teacher is going to have wide open opportunities to control people, especially when he’s as convincing as this one.