A year ago this month I was in South Korea for a 10 day vacation and I have to say I want to go back. I got into kpop a few months ago and I would love to go to a kpop concert next time I find myself in Asia. It was amazing to see all my favorite actors all over the billboards and advertisements. To turn on my hotel room TV and see kdramas on and watch Korean commercials starring kcelebs. Korean commercials are super entertaining and I’d just sit in my room watching all the bright colors and fresh faced beautiful people on screen. It was nice to order pizza with Song JoongKi and Park BoGum’s faces on the box. (I lost my pizza Park Bo Gum pic.) I loved going shopping for all the wonderful cosmetics S Korea has to offer and visiting stores like Lotte that gave me the chance to “hold” Lee Min Ho’s hand (please excuse my chipped nail polish). Next time I want to visit the SMTown building and other kpop buildings in Gangnam. I would like to explore more of Gangnam next time and spend even more time by the Han river. I did see the Han river on my trip of course but I was there briefly. I’d also like to see other parts of Korea…like Busan and the DMZ and return to Jeju to do the stuff that I didn’t get to do last time. Til next time Korea…


    So cool! I hope you get the opportunity to return!


      thank you! sometimes I still can’t believe I actually got to go…watching the winter olympics made me miss Korea so much! I think next time I’ll go in the autumn season though


    May you be able to return soon!