Happy New Year 2019 y’all! I’m back at work today and not very happy about it but at the same time I was doing nothing productive at home haha. I got into kpop in 2018 and didn’t watch as many dramas but these are my favorites from the ones I did watch.

I’m Not a Robot – Yoo Seungho is a very gifted actor, Chae Soobin is so likable here, their moments of angst and cute were so touching to me <3
Mother – I had never seen a show tackle the topic of motherhood so intensely, it went deep into the topic. Very layered and well rounded characters and a memorable villain.
What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim – A mostly fun romcom but it did drag a bit towards the end. Park-Park couple are beautiful the whole show and very cute together.
100 Days Prince – DO is funny and cute in this and has good chemistry with the female lead. Was a fun romcom that I really enjoyed this past fall.

From currently airing I am watching Boyfriend and Memories of Alhambra. I’m enjoying Boyfriend more but I do need to catch up on Memories of Alhambra as I’m only on episode 5.