Just last friday was international women’s day and we are halfway through women’s history month and the fact that all this kpop news blew up in the past couple of weeks is so ironic. I want nothing but justice for all the victimized women who were degraded and pimped out. I am disappointed in how evil and heartless some of these kpop men have turned out to be. I always disliked some of these guys anyway upon first impression. I also officially dropped Evergreen kdrama today on mydramalist as I had placed it on hold many months ago. However, there was something about that guy that I never liked. I follow the other 3 members of CNBlue on IG except for him as I never did warm up to him. Anyway I never followed Seungri or Big Bang closely either but I do enjoy some of their songs. I have been heavily disappointed by the immorality of artists I enjoyed in the past though and that makes it hard to listen to their music ever again. It depends on the situation of course though…not all scandals are the same. As everyone has said this is beyond scandal territory and has gone into serious crime territory. To my friends who are VIP, I sympathize with you. To all fans who are let down, y’all will be ok I promise! Just take a break from their music and then decide what to do about your fan status.

I have to say I felt sick to my stomach reading some of those translated texts. I hope that all this can help lead to revolutionize better treatment of women. Dealing with men who are disrespectful of women is honestly an exhausting and scary experience. I happened to run today into a coworker who legitimately scares me to be around with because of the comments I have heard him make about women. I did not sit quietly when he tried to make inappropriate comments towards me though a couple of years ago and stood up for myself and explained to him that I do not tolerate such behavior. We are not to tolerate such behaviors from anyone and men like these should definitely be reported and be made to face the consequences of their actions or in some cases inactions. I lose respect for men who sit on the sidelines and prove to be weak by not speaking up when they hear or see such awful behaviors too. We should all try to honor and respect each other as best we can…as Jesus taught treat others how you want to be treated.


    The whole thing is disgusting, and frankly I don’t know how to feel. I was a fan of Jung Joon-young (although in hindsight, there were always cracks in his persona) and I love 2 Days 1 Night – it’s really difficult to change my perception of him so easily, to accept what a horrifying subhuman thing he was this whole time. I suppose it’s a good thing that this issue is forcing everyone to remember that the people we watch on TV shouldn’t be taken completely at face-value.