There’s this easy, natural chemistry between Do-chan and Ha-ra that Joon-soo and Ha-ra lacks even though Ha-ra is so in love with him. It’s so weird because it’s literally the same two actors acting. Jang Geun-seok is killing it though with differentiating Do-chan and Joon-soo.



    Ah yes, that difference of talking to someone you can be yourself with vs. being with someone you admire too much. Even if they look identical.

    I agree: JGS is killing it. But I think that Han Ye-ri is too! These two are surprisingly awesome together.


      Yes, HYR is doing a great job too! She’s acting and reacting differently depending on which character JGS is playing. Like she always has this idolised look whenever she’s with Joon-soo but she’s very teasing when she’s with Do-chan.