I almost didn’t watch this show. I was turned off by the title because it reminded me of Eun-tak calling Kim Shin “Ajusshi” in this cringy, aegyo voice 🤮. I wasn’t also sure of IU’s acting and the sypnosis just seemed so bleak and boring. “This isn’t my type of show,” I said. I don’t know exactly what made me watch the show. Maybe it was fate to see that Sondia OST in my YT recommended videos and click on it, maybe I was moved by the love some beanies showed in the fan wall, or maybe I was just really bored but I watched the first episode, then the second, and then the third. Hook, line, and sinker – I fell in love with My Ajusshi. Yes, it is bleak and utterly sad but the characters were never pathetic. They were both good and bad, strong and weak. They were human. And it comforted me. It made me reflect on myself. It made me cry my eyes out every single episode. It made me smile when they’re happy.
Kudos to the actors for delivering a stellar performance. IU gave life to Lee Ji-an. Never did I feel like it’s IU playing a role. And Lee Sun-kyun, what should I say, he just deserves Best Actor for this. A job well done to the director and writer as well, the pillars of this show. Someone should give them the Daesang award! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Am I sad now that it’s over? Of course. But somehow, I don’t feel empty. I don’t have that WHAT NOW 😐 feeling I usually get when I finish a good show. I will miss My Ajusshi on my screen but in my heart, ep 16 isn’t the ending, or an ending for that matter because as I see it, they will continue living on with their lives, moving forward and finding happiness along the way. Maybe together, maybe not.

#MyAjusshi #bestlovestoryever😍