#Makjang monday
So, here is my entry to it, umm maybe since I read a lot last week and also this monday, some which I found really interesting some I disagreed a lot with (I am sorry for that), this one is just meta in its nature:
Room without Windows : The makjang in your brain

08.09: You have packed your bags and there is still some time to catch your plane to your Room without windows.
You check dramabeans.
You find out about makjang mondays.
You sign up and post an advert even.

09.09: Dramabeans notifications: You have been mentioned…
You read all entries on makjang monday.
You are totally confused.
You check back the original notice and you read for the first time that makjang was supposed to happen in your real life

You blank out completely.
You had originally decided to make a full makjang story and had planned it carefully with so many unique new makjang plots

but you enrolled in a wrong competition and already are at the track so you may as well write something for it.


    ok now i desperately want to read the makjang you had planned in your head!!! (also that last pic is hilarious!)


    *End of Prologue*

    Main story:
    08.09: You take your flight, planning your makjang story in the head and hoping your room is not underground in a dark alley.
    You reach the airport and wait for immigration in the longest line because you are a candy. You smile sheepisly at the immigration guy, while telling why you are here in this new country

    And then the immigration guy say in his very correct english accent like the guy below:

    (*if you have not heard this guy’s voice, please do, you are welcome)
    You walk past the gates and the strap of your hand bag breaks
    You should look like a pissed off cat but you are still smiling like that sheep up there because you loved this guy’s voice. And you just pick up your bag and walk like a fabulous lama, happy

    You stay over night with a friend and things are okay, you are still planning on your makjang story and now you are dead excited about seeing your room and finish your makjang plot planning.


      Okay why did the sheep smile not show up: This broadcast glitches are hard to control. Let’s try again:


    09.09: You get ready and take the early morning train to your Room without window. You reach the new city and its raining! You reach your room. It is underground, you are disappointed, but anyways you make no effort to do anything about the situation, you have to have a real life experience to make your real life makjang story. You go out and go your business stuff.

    09.09 night: You are back to your room without window, it is smaller than the room in Hell is others and the wash room could not be smaller, I can bet on my life, you can’t make it smaller! It is bigger in even areoplanes but whatever! Then you sleep, in two hours you hear people shouting in your hallway, you do nothing but imagine everything that could be happening: from just drunk people shouting, to people fighting, to it being a shady hotel to your neighbors high on drugs to people trying to make sure you just get out to look, but you don’t because you don’t care this much about reality! (It was only two men shouting, so you are never for your own sanity or safety get out of your bed).
    10.09: Next morning you check there were CCTV in hallways, you are not super sure if they work but you hear noise again of the same two guy and figure out it is your next door neighbor, and they are still doing whatever they were the last night and are still alive and you go on with your hotel trip.

    10.09 night: You get yourself a can of Fanta and as soon as you open it you realise you have just introduced more Carbon dioxide in your room without window! Not a great realization to have at 1 pm in night!

    11.09 night: Now there are two girls in the room next to your and you hear more voices, of water running in shower and then you hear laughter and some ahah aaaa sounds, okay, now you trust imagination and you put on some music you have an important meeting and n time to plan your makjang happening in the room next wall!

    12.04: Your last night in the room without window. You actually had left the can opened without drinking the fanta and increase your room’s CO2 level, other than you having a mild headache nothing much was achieved. You pack your suitcase and you go to sleep. There was a storm passing in the night you hear nothing in your room without window!

    11.09: You go to your friends back home ask them to let you sleep on a sofa with windows open, you deserve all the air.

    *The end*


      Hey! Can you please take me off this list? Thanks ☺️


      “but anyways you make no effort to do anything about the situation, you have to have a real life experience to make your real life makjang story. ”


      1. I want to read your original crazy story.
      2. Ouch. Is it okay to ask where you were travelling?


    Heh. The makjang in your brain. Sadly, this is something I can relate to all too well. Put me in a new situation with unexpected things happening, and my brain would conjure up several worst possible scenarios all at once. I swear it’s genetic. My mom once turned a snippet of overheard conversation into a full-length twisty story.


      Haha! Yes, totally me and my dad are very good at this, we can almost guess all the twists in TV shows mom would be watching and she would be like no, it can’t be that bad!