I really enjoyed the last episode of Terrius Behind Me! The last couple of episodes were low on Joon-joon and Bon moments, but I did like how everything was wrapped up.


    I think that we can all agree that Joon-joon and Bon made up a lot of the reasons to watch this show. Seeing these cute kids soften up this tough man was all I looked forward to each episode. I was always reminded of The Pacifier in a good way. The spy stuff was okay, but I’m pretty sure we all saw through the director and his shadiness that it didn’t come as a surprise. I did like Ji-yeon and Do-woo though. However, the real MVPs were the KIS, of course. I think all the spy stuff should have been handled by them because they were more competent than the NIS at times. I really like their friendship and how they could trust and help each other. The way they helped Ae-rin out during tough times was amazing. I wish I could join my own KIS team. Regarding, the romance, I think it would’ve been better if we saw Ae-rin grieve earlier, but I do like how they tied it up at the end. Loved So Ji-sub in this role and I really came to enjoy Sohn Ho-jun as the cowardly, not really villain. Overall, I had a good time watching this drama and although the spy stuff can be overlooked, I’m still in the process of coming up with my own spy code name, cause why not, lol.