Beanies, we are only five days into January and I already finished two dramas! 😮 Okay, I started them last year and only saw the final episodes, but my list went quickly from zero to two. 😁 I especially like the fact that I watched them with my mom. Hopefully, we get to watch more dramas, better dramas, this year together!😊


    So, the two dramas we watched were Love Alert and Twelve Nights. My mom’s thoughts on these shows: She really liked Love Alert. She likes that the leads were nice and would constantly say that she wanted his parents to just back off. For the most part, she was happy, except for the end. She hated the time skip (as she should!) and was so angry at the end that the wedding was kind of lame (her words). She was like where is the party? Where are the babies? Lol.😂 I guess my mom really loves her weddings. Another notable point she mentioned was that at first she didn’t think the lead was handsome, but throughout the show she saw his charm and declared him handsome enough. I see improvement in my mom because she usually can’t distinguish any actors or actresses. Twelve Nights was a little higher on her “let’s watch it now” radar. She really wanted the leads to get together so she was really mad at the open ended finale. She even told me she wanted to write a letter and ask them why they just couldn’t at least hug at the end, lolllllllll! 😂😂😂 She did like Chan’s arc though and for the most part enjoyed everything else. After watching these dramas with my mom, I noticed how different our tastes for shows are. I like good writing, direction, and likable leads and characters, whereas my mom just wants romance and a wedding, party, and baby at the end, haha.😂 Anyways, I really enjoyed spending time with her. I purposely watched two slow dramas with her since we have to use Spanish subs and she is the type to ask a lot of questions, and I didn’t want to miss out on the plot, but I’ve learned my lesson and I will choose better dramas next time!😃


    My short reviews: Love Alert was a meh😒 drama for me. I don’t know anything about the leads and haven’t seen any of their past works so I can’t say if they were up to their standards or not, but to be honest the plot didn’t give them much to work on. The story kept repeating itself and going round and round. It had your typical chaebols trying to control their children, moms that look out only for the money, childhood connections, relationship contracts…The only thing I enjoyed was that the leads were nice, but I didn’t really feel a spark between them which would of been nice since it would have made the drama a smidge better. I really liked ⭐Twelve Nights though. I liked the background music, the cinematography, how quiet it could be, how it was realistic that you don’t always reach your dreams, but you keep trying. The conversations and situations the leads found themselves made it believable that even with those short amount of days they spent together, they found each other changed and moved and encouraged to give it another shot. I was more than okay with the ending especially since Chan and his family had a really nice arc that was looking good where we left them off. Clearly, me and my mom have different tastes in dramas, huh!😁

    My Rating System:
    -Loved ❤
    -Liked ⭐
    -Meh 😒
    -Hmm ❓