Completed: Top Star Yoo Baek⭐
Heols[헐] in the finale: 1🐔 (😂)


    I really enjoyed this drama. I was in it for the cast! Kim Ji-suk, Jeon So-min, and Lee Sang-yeob have had dramas I’ve really liked and I wanted to see how they would do the whole rich star falls for country girl. Do you know when you like something, but can’t seem to put into words? That’s me all the time! When writing, if it is not a prompt, I can’t seem to organize my thoughts. So here is some randomness with some spoilers:
    -I love how over the top Mr. Unicorn was and how it was all a front (for the most part), of the sadness he carried.
    -I loved how the island and its people gave him the healing he needed and it wasn’t just because of falling in love.
    – The love story was cute. I liked how he waited and encouraged her to follow her dreams.
    -The island people had good arcs and the love they had for each other was touching.
    -Although I retranslated everything for myself in my head, I am thankful for the subbers who took their time to do that!!! It must of been hard because of the satoori as well.
    – The ending was good. I love how we left everyone. Things don’t change overnight and it’s the little steps and people around you that help you move forward positively.

    I really did enjoy this drama, although I can only say it in these broken words.

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