To all of the Beanies who frequent this wall,

Thank You!
For all of the laughs and all of the feels,
For commenting back or just agreeing with me through a like,
For making this a safe place to post my thoughts and feelings,
For being my first internet friends whom I wish to meet in real life so I can actually talk to and not be stunted by text,
For knowing way more than I do and seeing more than I have,
For being witty and funny and for just being the coolest of people.
Thank you for writing beautiful words, deep thoughts, feelings so true throughout all this time.
There are no other people out there like you, Beanies!
And for that I say, Thank You!
I am grateful for all of you:)



    I so wanted to join Love February everyday, but talk about writer’s block! I think that I am not in the place in my life right now to open up the feels. I’m doing good and I want to stay good, so I couldn’t open that box up and although I have many other physical things I love, my brain to hand to phone connection was broken😂. I
    read and enjoy reading all of the posts you all made. You are all so eloquent and way smarter than me, which makes me feel good. I like learning from my friends😊.

    Wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s Day!


      I feel this ~ at a certain point I turned coward and couldn’t write with the same openness of others. I’m in a decent place right now, and when I would try to write certain things I would just end up crying and words would fail.

      But that’s okay, Love February has been so wonderful, especially for the great variety that’s been posted!


        Yes, I agree. Love February has been wonderful! Kudos to you for starting it.


    Thank you for joining in Jelly!

    And would love to meet you someday, somewhere 🙂