Completed: The Crowned Clown⭐
Tears almost shed: 2 (Eunuch Jo and Guard Jang)


    Reasons why I liked it:
    -YEO JIN GOO! He was great as the crazed king, as the clown, and as the clown pretending to be the king. His drama, for sure!
    – The instrumentals, I loved them! Made me want to play more epic music in daily routine. Imagine the drums getting stronger as I flip my egg for breakfast!😂
    – The cinematography was beautiful. TvN has such good quality shows, but somehow I am more in awe when they are sageuks.
    – Somehow I was always engaged in the story and I wanted to see what was going to happen next even though it never went how I expected it too.

    Why I couldn’t love it:
    -I haven’t really seen a lot of sageuks and I don’t particularly look out for them unless there is something different about them, but even then the politics! Someone always wants the throne or the control of the throne, because of greed, power, and/or pride and I am kind of over it.
    – I think killing the king was a bold move, but I wanted more of him. Or more of Jin-goo playing him! I wanted more of the clown and the king interacting together. He could’ve stuck around for a couple episodes more is all I’m saying.
    – Where the good guys actually good? In the last episode, I noticed that aside from Eunuch Jo’s goodbye and Guard Jang following our clown, I felt so detached to all the other characters. Our main “good” guy died and I was like…(sidenote: in the beginning I got the chief royal secretary and the prince mixed up that I couldn’t distinguish who was who so maybe I already knew it was all not black and white). Like, I’m all for the people and it was great that the bigger goal was to help the people, but I’m so against murder especially that of a child. If the crazy king would’ve done it then his death would’ve been more poignant in my opinion, but in the end the chief royal secretary ended up killing them both all for his vision so…who really are the good guys?
    – I am all for a happy ending, but, really?!, time skips, ugh😣!