Drama Completed: Touch Your Heart/ Reach of Sincerity‚̧
Dentist appointments required to treat cavities: Multiple


    I just loved this drama. It was too cute! I liked the fact that it stayed a rom-com (let’s forget the noble idiocy). Yeah, they probably zipped right through the cases and there were some questionable law-related events that even ignorant me was like, hmm not sure how that would pass in the real world, but I didn’t really care for that aspect of the drama. I wanted a romantic-comedy of a very beautiful, not-so good actress and a handsome, prickly lawyer falling in love and that’s what I got. What added to the cake, was the fact that both of them grew and helped each other. Yeon-seo was able to confront a lot of things with Jung-rok, such as eating alone, a serial stalker, and even becoming a pretty darn good secretary. On the other hand,Jung-rok was able to actually smile and make jokes, reconnect with his father, and have someone to be there for him when there was trouble with work. They might have acted like teenagers in love because it was the first time for both them which I know is not what a lot of people like since they are clearly both beautiful adults and it seems improbable that they wouldn’t have dated, but it gives hope to us basic single since life people that there is someone out there for us that will revert to their younger self when they fall in love, or at least that is what I love to think😂. Anyways, there are many other reasons why I liked it which I can’t think of now. I’m just glad that I was finally out of that funky mood I had and was able to catch up with the first few episodes to enjoy this live!