Crowned Clown episode 7


    I somehow was reminded of Snow White when guard Jang Moo-Young was commanded to take Ha-Sun into the woods and kill him. And now, Lee Hun wants Moo-Young to bring back proof of our clown’s death. Although, instead of the victim’s heart, our guard was tasked with bringing back Ha-Sun’s head.

    I wonder if Moo-Young is secretly relieved that Ha-Sun survived. That final scene of the episode was powerful (although, how did he not see Ha-Sun just hanging there, lol).

    Our Guard might be angry at having been kept in the dark (and his life was at stake), but I think he will end up supporting Ha-Sun. The latter did not hesitate to step in the way of danger to save him. Just as our royal secretary is growing very fond of Ha-Sun, I think that Moo-Young will start to feel the same.