Every time I watch Tamna (a hidden gem; I would recommend the twenty-one episode version to my fellow Beanies), I ask myself “what is William’s secret to language learning?” I mean, the guy is pretty much in a cave for the first five episodes, but he emerges from it speaking a mixture of Korean and the local Jeju dialect. What is his secret?
#ifonlydramalifewereareality #canilearnlanguagesinmysleep? #whenyou’repastthecriticalperiodforlanguageabsorption #whenyourbrainisnotaspongebutasieve


    Video credit: Viki’s YouTube Channel. I tried my best to screencap one of the funniest moments of the show. I believe you might be able to find the longer longer version on Viki (the version uploaded to YouTube is the sixteen-episode one). I bought the Director’s Cut a number of years ago from Amazon.