Some thoughts/ramblings regarding recent episodes of Nokdu Flower:

The paths the brothers are taking are diverging more and more. We are responsible for the choices we make and we can choose how to respond to different situations. We are not blameless. But still, circumstances and the behavior of others seem to conspire against us.

I can’t deny that it is easier to turn toward anger and resentment. While I believe that deep down, Yi-hyun still has his heart in the right place (yes, even at this point in the story), he is walking a dangerous path. I only wish that he had not bottled up his resentment and kept his feelings to himself. His older brother, Yi-Kang, was able to overcome his dark alter ego because he was not alone. He was embraced by his new band of brothers and he escaped a toxic environment. If only Yi-kang had been there for his younger brother. I know that he has his own calling, but he has not been around to be a positive force in his Yi-hyun’s life. This isolation, compounded by the betrayal of his mentor, living in the household of corrupt father, and the trauma of having killed people, have made it easier for Yi-hyun to be attracted to a darker path.

Yi-hyun should take his Japanese acquaintance’s (I’m sorry, but I can’t remember the character’s name) words with caution. Yes, the old aristocracy would be very unwilling to break with the status quo, but it does not mean that the wealthy, educated revolutionaries would necessarily behave any differently once they achieved their ends. They most likely would become the new elite, unwilling to change the new status quo. People are people.
As I said before, Yi-hyun’s heart might still be in the right place regarding the future of Joseon, but he is walking a tightrope.