Though Lee started out as a ‘Flower Boy’ he continued to take on challenging roles no matter the genre or character. Here are the career-defining roles that Lee Joon-gi has played, and which have helped him leave an indelible impression on many viewers.
▲ “Lee Joon Gi Phenomenon” … “KING AND THE CLOWN”
His presence was a refreshing change and shock to moviegoers then. Having amassed enormous word-of-mouth buzz, “King and the Clown” drew over 10 million moviegoers and earned Lee Joon-gi the nickname ’10-million-audience actor.”
▲ Continuing Success on the Small Screen … “MY GIRL”
Joon-gi’s small-screen success following “King and the Clown” solidified the actor’s position as the hottest rising star.
▲ Even beverage drink CF “Beautiful Women Love Pomegranate” was a megahit
According to sources, this pomegranate drink he endorsed reached 10 billion won in sales in the shortest amount of time among the new beverage products available then.
▲ Shedding ‘Man More Beautiful than Woman’ Image through “TIME BETWEEN DOG AND WOLF”

However, through “Time between Dog and Wolf,” Lee definitely proved his potential as an ‘actor’ with consistently good acting skills, rather than a mere ‘star.’
▲ Achieving both High Ratings and Social Buzz, “ILJIMAE”
Lee Joon-gi showed off a variety of action performances. Its solidly written story and the cast’s great performances earned the drama high ratings that hit a peak of around 30%. It achieved both high ratings and social buzz.
▲ Returning from Military Service, “TWO WEEKS”
Joon-gi performed his own stunts without a stunt double, demonstrating his passion for acting and the character.
. ▲ Adding Another Career-defining Role … “LAWLESS LAWYER”
Sang-pil is a character equipped with charmingly contradictory traits, such as level-headed analytical skills, charisma, self-confidence, and cunning. Having played many characters through various works, Lee Joon-gi is now demonstrating his unique appeal as an actor.